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Prayer Requests

Dear Friend,

Please type your request in word and cut and paste it, so that if the electronic submission fails, you do not have to rewrite it.

We would like to pray for you. Please send your prayer request to us, and give us a name or names to pray for, and perhaps the town you are in (as much info as you care to share). We will pray for you, and ask the Lord to intercede for you. Please remember that if a miraculous result follows your prayer request, it is only by the Lord and by the Lord's will, not by any power of any man or woman. And, if it seems no answer to your prayer has come, consult a spiritual father to better understand what you may be missing. Sometimes our connection with the Holy Spirit is disrupted by the way we are living, the things we are surrounded by. We also suggest you clean your home of sacrilegious things and bless it by a Catholic or Orthodox Christian priest, and partake in the holy sacraments. God bless you friend.

Blessed Miracle

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