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I Need a Miracle

Do You Need a Miracle?


If you reached this website, you must have recently said, "I need a miracle." 

Well, relax my dear friend and take a breath, because you are halfway there. Do you know that a miracle is just a prayer away, because your Father in heaven loves you and wants you to be well and happy. You will find in the New Testament, Jesus' teachings with regard to prayer. He told about the God's consideration for even the birds, providing for the littlest of creatures, and said, "How much more must your Father in heaven love you than the birds." Indeed, we are his children, and we have been made in his image, and so he loves and cares for us. 

However, my dear friend, sometimes the answer to our prayers is not what we ask for specifically. This is because God knows better than us what we need, and he gives us what we need, not what we want. So, we may find ourselves beating our heads and pulling out our hair because we have not gotten what we wanted, what we thought we needed. We barely know anything about our own planet, and less about the universe, so imagine how much less we know about the dimensions, which scientists say may number 11 or more; about the spiritual world. Remember than when we ask for healing, we should also seek spiritual healing through confession and communion and a changing to our way of life, the ridding of our bad habits that serve our flawed bodies and minds. Heal your spirit, which has a chance for eternal life, before worrying about your limited physical life. Then, seek physical healing. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and so sometimes he strips us bare in order to show us that what we really have is only what he has given us, not what we have created. 

Jesus said, "Ask for what you need." So don't be shy about it, and don't judge yourself and ask for something less. God is the only judge. Ask for what you want and need, beg for mercy and seek His way over yours. Pray for it, whatever it may be. 

But remember, God is not your servant, but your Lord and master, your creator and your deliverer, your only hope by only His mercy. A wise monk recently told me, God does not need anything from us, as he has created everything that we might give back to him. Still, like when your child cuts a flower from your garden and gives it to you, you are warmed by the heartfelt, thoughtful gift. So God is warmed by our remembering of Him. So show Him you love Him and are grateful for all that he has given you. Pray more often, daily even. Go to church, not for the priests, not for the coffee, but to praise the Lord, to thank Him, and to partake in the sacraments that He has left us for our protection and salvation, holy confession and communion, marriage and all His spiritual gifts. 

I want to pray for you, so please send your prayer request. Use the tab on this page to send it, and I will pray for you. 

Nobody should be paid for praying, because the righteous want their reward from the Lord in heaven, not from the earth. However, we do struggle to survive in this world and appreciate any donations that are made, the answers to our own prayer. The support of our advertisers also helps us to survive in the simple life we seek. Thank you.